Five hurt in Cyprus protest over UK military presence

Five hurt in Cyprus in protest over British … JPost – Headlines And I was hoping for a peaceful 3 month deployment.

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Five hurt in Cyprus protest over UK military presence

Hurt - Volume 1

Maybe it was inevitable that a band would come along that would fuse together art-metal, grunge, nu-metal, prog rock and emo -- after all, the fusion seems both logical and appealing, doesn't it? -- but Hurt's 2006 debut Vol. 1 nevertheless seems to come out of left field. It's not only the kind of album whose title feels sadly truncated -- it's just begging for more information either before or after the Vol. 1 -- but it feels like it exists in an alternate universe, one where all the familiar (£7.49) ... Read More

Augustana - Can't Love Can't Hurt

%%product_name%% (£10.99) ... Read More

Various - Warp20 (Recreated)

The component of the WARP20 box set spectacle directed at neophytes, WARP20 (CHOSEN) placed the track selection process in the hands of fans, who voted online with the option to add messages like "This song makes you feel like a proud parent, a la John Hurt in the movie ALIEN," as reprinted throughout the booklet. The ten tracks that received the most votes make up the first disc. After track five, the disc makes a swift transition from covering exemplary material (Aphex Twin's bent lounge-porn (£11.99) ... Read More

J.J. Cale - Five

As Cale's influence on others expanded, he just continued to turn out the occasional album of bluesy, minor-key tunes. This one was even sparer than usual, with the artist handling bass as well as guitar on many tracks. Listened to today, it sounds so much like a Dire Straits album, it's scary. (Mark Knopfler & Co. had appeared in 1978, seven years after Cale.) William Ruhlmann. (£6.49) ... Read More

George Michael - Twenty Five

What a career thus far!, all the hits from Wham! to present, including recent single 'An Easier Affair' plus the upcoming hit with ex Sugababe Mutya Buena. Also featured is a duet with Paul McCartney 'Heal The Pain'.Broken up over two discs, CD1 is titled 'For Living' then CD2 is labelled 'For Loving', to suit your mood! (£14.49) ... Read More

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