Five hurt in Cyprus protest over UK military presence

Five hurt in Cyprus in protest over British … JPost – Headlines And I was hoping for a peaceful 3 month deployment.

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Five hurt in Cyprus protest over UK military presence

Hurt - Volume 1

Maybe it was inevitable that a band would come along that would fuse together art-metal, grunge, nu-metal, prog rock and emo -- after all, the fusion seems both logical and appealing, doesn't it? -- but Hurt's 2006 debut Vol. 1 nevertheless seems to come out of left field. It's not only the kind of album whose title feels sadly truncated -- it's just begging for more information either before or after the Vol. 1 -- but it feels like it exists in an alternate universe, one where all the familiar (£7.49) ... Read More

Augustana - Can't Love Can't Hurt

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Five - Greatest Hits

This greatest hits anthology by high energy European pop band Five includes "We Will Rock You" and "Rock The Party." (£5.49) ... Read More

Yellowjackets - Twenty Five

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George Michael - Twenty Five

What a career thus far!, all the hits from Wham! to present, including recent single 'An Easier Affair' plus the upcoming hit with ex Sugababe Mutya Buena. Also featured is a duet with Paul McCartney 'Heal The Pain'.Broken up over two discs, CD1 is titled 'For Living' then CD2 is labelled 'For Loving', to suit your mood! (£14.49) ... Read More